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Frequenty Asked Questions

Please talk to us on WhatsApp if you would like to send your own sample, especially if you are printing a special or unique project.

The minimum amounts vary from product to product; to find the minimum quantity that applies to the product you are interested in, please talk to us on WhatsApp.

The design is typically delivered to you as a soft copy file for approval. After that, you can offer suggestions for the final design and print.

We offer matte and gloss lamination for all our paper and card products.

Glossy definitely offers a shiny colorful finish, but it also generates a glare, making it difficult to observe from certain angles. With matte finish prints the glare gets reduced to a significant level and had a calm luxurious feel to the printed card/paper.

Simple mugs are plain white mugs that can be useful for all colourful printing, Magic mugs are thermo sentive mugs which are black in colour but turns white to diplay the prints on them when you pour hot liquid into them. Chat with us on WhatsApp to request for a video.